Eid 2018

In the Islam religion, Eid is what you call the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. This usually means a long (or quite long) vacation in Muslim countries.

This year, we had a quite extravagant vacation. We went to Fujairah with another couple and, for the first time, stayed at luxurious hotels (Royal Beach Hotel & Resort and Radisson Blu on our second night).

Hotel Star rating according to Booking.com:


Everything about this trip was a highlight.

– It was our first long drive and out of town trip after a long time
– Our first time to stay at expensive hotels
– First time to see the ocean view right outside our window
– First time to swim in the Gulf of Oman
– First time to travel in a group
– First time to go snorkeling
– Finally saw for the first time Dibba Rock and Snoopy Island, somethings I only see on travel brochures.
– Our friend is scared of the water but we were able to convince her, and she had the best time of her life. And as her husband called it, “Baby, grabe ni-level up ng attitude mo sa water”. This is a highlight for all of us because we are all very happy for her. I take credit because I was the one who was persuading everyone to try it out.


*Water-scared friend saw a shark! I was about 25 feet away when they said they saw it. I told them thank God I didn’t see it at that time because I had no one next to me and it would have sent me into panic. The guide said it was a reef shark and claimed that it’s the friendly type. Once it sees people approaching, it would just usually take a look then keep going on its way. For me, the thought of the word “shark” alone is enough to turn me into a scared mouse. But now that this happened, I regret not seeing it myself and I want to snorkel / dive again until I get to see one. I was aiming to see a turtle, which I also didn’t see. By the way, I learned later that there’s a dive site called “Shark Island,” now I want to see that too.

*DO NOT let Erwin hold the action camera without the security lace! He dropped ours in the middle of the Gulf of Oman before we got to the fishes. So, no underwater photos.

*I have a passion for minibars, small fridges and small toilet amenities. I’ll be featuring these once I have a house of my own.

Overall it was a good experience – expensive – but nice to experience at least once in a century.

Quick Trivia:

This is why it’s called “Snoopy Island”

snoopy island

I’ll upload more photos once the media section starts accepting my photos. For some reason, it’s not loading them….





Meet May


This is May.
It’s not her real name.
I don’t know who she is.
Let me explain.

I mentioned that my kidney condition came as a shock to me and so does all the things that I needed to adjust to with the fact that had to be under the mercy of lifetime dialysis treatment.

Before it happened, I always thought that I was invincible. I could smile at any problem, solve any difficulty, stay focused under any pressure, stay positive through a rainstorm and all that jazz. Then the diagnose hit me and everything made all sorts of turn, tumble, and summersaults!

When I was starting, I was thinking how “sick” I would look while on treatment, how people would suddenly view me differently….just how “lacking” I would seem. For a short time, it was a big blow to my confidence.

Instead of researching on sad effects of dialysis / kidney failure in general, God whispered that I research on “Survivors”. In the midst of graphic images of side effects was this picture.

There was something about her whole aura. To me, she shone of bright positive energy, strength, intelligence and a “despite of” attitude . Then I realized, “Oo nga naman, bakit ko kailangan magmukahng may sakit?” (Why do I have to look like I’m sick?)

After a quick assessment of her picture, I decided that I want to be like her. The kidney condition would just change my lifestyle and daily schedule but not my attitude and outlook in life.

Fast forward to present day (more than two years later), I’m still me. Adjusted but still learning. Proud of my scars and the battle I fight to survive with every day. Thankful that God wakes up every morning. Educating those who care enough to seriously learn why then see a bulge in fistula arm. I still have my down days sometime but the blessings I have outweighs them. I know I am still more fortunately than most. For this, I am grateful.

I am also proud to say that most people who I new met have no idea that I have this even if they see me everyday. For me that’s a compliment.

I called her May after one of my mom’s clients who looks like her.

Thanks, May, for the inspiring photo.

The Art of Saying “No”



I have learned that saying no is not always easy, especially if it was said to someone important to me. I spent the whole of 2017 battling with my yes-es and no-es. But saying so meant peace for me, and I strongly believe that I am giving them the opportunity to figure things our for themselves i.e. helping them in the long run.

Happy Independence Day!

While others start their independence as soon as they were born, I only started mine at 32!

Some blogs ago, I mentioned that I have been trying to be an official adult since forever and last year that day finally came.

I must admit that at first it was NOT easy. The moving, the missing the family especially the kids, the budgeting, the FLATMATES, etc. So many adjustments to be made. To make the long story short, it was scary but I made it!

Yey Me!

This the Chocolate Fudge cake I bought to celebrate this joyous occasion with ^_^

Dove Again

So told you about my CKD….

When I was diagnosed, I remember one of the first things I asked was “Will I be able to dive again?” At that time, I had just received my diving license – a major bucket list!

At first, the doctors told me I may have to forget about it because I might have problem with the water pressure mainly. However, as time goes by, I am noted as one of the “stable” ones. Meaning, other than the pabebeng kidneys, I have no other complications. I am very much thankful for that.

Hence, on 12 May 2017, I dove again! 🙂 It was not as deep as my dive before, but this is a start. Just a trial fun dive. Fun indeed.

Plus I was with B1. I was able to show off the world I saw underneath the surface 🙂 🙂


It started as a joke made by my nerdy elder brother.

When the parents put up the family business in the Philippines, we realized that we will be needing walkie talkie radios in order to communicate with the different departments of the resort. The brother, being the playful person that he is, decided it would be fun to use code names from a, 80’s / 90’s TV show called Bioman.

Bioman is from Japan and, in my opinion, similar to today’s Power Rangers. Colors are assigned to each hero and this particular TV show calls the heroes with their colors and numbers. Example: Red One, Blue Two, Pink Five. Something of that sort. He found it funny to have grown ups shouting Power Ranger-ish words while at work. Honestly, it is. Lol.

So Red One…. The leader.

Big bro decided that Red One is “The Boss Radio” (meaning Admin people, meaning him, his wife and myself). Anyone of us working in Admin and holding the Admin Radio is Red One. We eventually let go of the other “colors” and decided to call them by department and in occasional extreme urgency and panic, we progress from playing with colors to shouting each others’ names with matching curses, teeth grinding, and death grip on the radio so much that our knuckles turn white. Lol. But all is good, everyone on the island works harmoniously. At the end of the day, everyone understands that it’s all part of the job.

The resort opened in the Summer of 2012. The parents stayed until the grand opening then fled off to UAE, leaving the little ducklings to find our way around. They opened and left us during the Holy Week, which is the peak time for any resort.

With all the adjustments, trial and errors, customer and in-house handling, you can imagine how many times we’d hear “Red One” being called on the radio.

It was a great summer that had to fall short for me because I needed to fly back to UAE.

I had a great and productive summer that year. Long after that summer, all the staff who had stayed and left could still remember it being a great one.

As much as I would like to go back home to help at least during the summer season, I unfortunately could not due to my hectic dialysis sessions.

However, God works wonders.

I have recently come to my senses to help the resort at least by answering the inquiries online and coordinating reservations.

Recently, I was able to close a deal with a guest who is accompanying some tourists around town. After a looonng chat of rates, discounts and other requirements, we sealed the deal. And right after their visit, I was sent this from the Philippines.


I feel good about it 🙂 This is my first deal ever again and it has uplifted by spirits 🙂

Some other more deals came after this and each time I close the deal, I feel this ecstatic feeling of pride and happiness.

Money Talk

money-coinsEvery year, I tell myself that that is the year I’m going to go on full swing with my savings. And every start, I seem to succeed at doing so at least during the first half of the year but later something will happen which will involve unexpected expenses, then everything will spiral out of control from there.

One example was my last year. I was nearly recovering from the expenses from Dad’s passing the year before when all of a sudden, my dialysis clinic informed me that my insurance had been exhausted. After a month of paying from our own pockets, I got registered and accepted into a government hospital that gives dialysis for free. We rented a car because the new clinic was far. As convenient as a car seemed, it brought me financial troubles too which I am still paying for right now and is the biggest financial woe at the moment. I have already returned the car but I am still left with cleaning out the balance.

According to my estimate, I will be able to recover around April or May 2017.

I am writing because I want to declare that this the year I will take my savings seriously! I realized that I am no longer getting any younger so I better take this seriously now.

Part of my goals this year are to clear my debts and go crazy on savings and be frugal when and wherever possible.

To have a rough idea, this is my financial status right now:

Source of income:
– Work Paycheck

– Bank Loan
– Car rental bill

Usual Expenses:
– Food
– Transportation
– Medication
– Phone bills (mobile + landline)

– Joined a 12-month Paluwagan this year 

Things I’ve thought of to save and/or earn extra income:
– Walk! Stop taking taxi rides especially for short distance destinations
– Cook own meal and magbaon
– Invest somewhere
– Find a side job somehow that actually pays
– Sell some unwanted items
– Control my impulse buying syndrome
– Limit bringing home pasalubong

It does not seem much but trust me they are! Especially the debts. I plan to get rid of them all this year except for the bank loan which I will finish only by September 2020.

In the following months, I will share here however I ways I figured can save and earn me money in hopes to motivate others and myself too.

Meeting B1


Some people just happen to click at the first encounter. I may not believe in love at first sight, but I believe in that click.

I once skipped to a good part in my life after a long emotional roller coaster ride. Well, this is a better part to skip to now and it just keeps getting better with every high and after every low.

I was told that magic happens in the most unexpected moment. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, that moment happened. He happened.

This is a new journey. I feel that it’s very different. I want to protect it and make it grow.

The best part, he feels that same way too ^_~

For the Drummer Boy…

Whatever we were, it was good. The “good” that I have not felt in a long time. The “good” that came at the right time. The “good” that made me forget all the bad. It was everything that was good about laughter, sharing, talking, wisdom, sparks, and butterflies.

You have no idea about the role you played in my life but I thank you. Thank you for the happiness our meeting brought.

You’re that good part I love skipping to. I hope our paths meet again, Baldz.

Till then…


It’s OK to Skip


Have you ever played a movie and you want to do just that?

The same old movie played over and over for years. Girl meets boy, boy broke her heart, girl still loved him no matter how hard she tried not to, and how very much she tried to get over and move on from him.

Then one day, unexpectedly, there was a different movie playing. The introduction was so unexpected that it captured her attention, not realizing that she had turned away from the old movie to pay close attention to the new one.

The new movie was intriguing and exciting. It captured her full attention.

She later realized that she can only appreciate the new movie by recalling some of the events of the old one. However this time, she knew that she didn’t have to watch the whole old boring film. She can skip to the good part — this was it — the moving on.