Eid 2018

In the Islam religion, Eid is what you call the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. This usually means a long (or quite long) vacation in Muslim countries.

This year, we had a quite extravagant vacation. We went to Fujairah with another couple and, for the first time, stayed at luxurious hotels (Royal Beach Hotel & Resort and Radisson Blu on our second night).

Hotel Star rating according to Booking.com:


Everything about this trip was a highlight.

– It was our first long drive and out of town trip after a long time
– Our first time to stay at expensive hotels
– First time to see the ocean view right outside our window
– First time to swim in the Gulf of Oman
– First time to travel in a group
– First time to go snorkeling
– Finally saw for the first time Dibba Rock and Snoopy Island, somethings I only see on travel brochures.
– Our friend is scared of the water but we were able to convince her, and she had the best time of her life. And as her husband called it, “Baby, grabe ni-level up ng attitude mo sa water”. This is a highlight for all of us because we are all very happy for her. I take credit because I was the one who was persuading everyone to try it out.


*Water-scared friend saw a shark! I was about 25 feet away when they said they saw it. I told them thank God I didn’t see it at that time because I had no one next to me and it would have sent me into panic. The guide said it was a reef shark and claimed that it’s the friendly type. Once it sees people approaching, it would just usually take a look then keep going on its way. For me, the thought of the word “shark” alone is enough to turn me into a scared mouse. But now that this happened, I regret not seeing it myself and I want to snorkel / dive again until I get to see one. I was aiming to see a turtle, which I also didn’t see. By the way, I learned later that there’s a dive site called “Shark Island,” now I want to see that too.

*DO NOT let Erwin hold the action camera without the security lace! He dropped ours in the middle of the Gulf of Oman before we got to the fishes. So, no underwater photos.

*I have a passion for minibars, small fridges and small toilet amenities. I’ll be featuring these once I have a house of my own.

Overall it was a good experience – expensive – but nice to experience at least once in a century.

Quick Trivia:

This is why it’s called “Snoopy Island”

snoopy island

I’ll upload more photos once the media section starts accepting my photos. For some reason, it’s not loading them….

Update: August 2018

Lovin’ the fresh fruit cuts



View from our room at the Royal Beach

Toiletries at the Radisson Room


View from our room at the Radisson! Ganda diba?


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