It started as a joke made by my nerdy elder brother.

When the parents put up the family business in the Philippines, we realized that we will be needing walkie talkie radios in order to communicate with the different departments of the resort. The brother, being the playful person that he is, decided it would be fun to use code names from a, 80’s / 90’s TV show called Bioman.

Bioman is from Japan and, in my opinion, similar to today’s Power Rangers. Colors are assigned to each hero and this particular TV show calls the heroes with their colors and numbers. Example: Red One, Blue Two, Pink Five. Something of that sort. He found it funny to have grown ups shouting Power Ranger-ish words while at work. Honestly, it is. Lol.

So Red One…. The leader.

Big bro decided that Red One is “The Boss Radio” (meaning Admin people, meaning him, his wife and myself). Anyone of us working in Admin and holding the Admin Radio is Red One. We eventually let go of the other “colors” and decided to call them by department and in occasional extreme urgency and panic, we progress from playing with colors to shouting each others’ names with matching curses, teeth grinding, and death grip on the radio so much that our knuckles turn white. Lol. But all is good, everyone on the island works harmoniously. At the end of the day, everyone understands that it’s all part of the job.

The resort opened in the Summer of 2012. The parents stayed until the grand opening then fled off to UAE, leaving the little ducklings to find our way around. They opened and left us during the Holy Week, which is the peak time for any resort.

With all the adjustments, trial and errors, customer and in-house handling, you can imagine how many times we’d hear “Red One” being called on the radio.

It was a great summer that had to fall short for me because I needed to fly back to UAE.

I had a great and productive summer that year. Long after that summer, all the staff who had stayed and left could still remember it being a great one.

As much as I would like to go back home to help at least during the summer season, I unfortunately could not due to my hectic dialysis sessions.

However, God works wonders.

I have recently come to my senses to help the resort at least by answering the inquiries online and coordinating reservations.

Recently, I was able to close a deal with a guest who is accompanying some tourists around town. After a looonng chat of rates, discounts and other requirements, we sealed the deal. And right after their visit, I was sent this from the Philippines.


I feel good about it 🙂 This is my first deal ever again and it has uplifted by spirits 🙂

Some other more deals came after this and each time I close the deal, I feel this ecstatic feeling of pride and happiness.


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