Money Talk

money-coinsEvery year, I tell myself that that is the year I’m going to go on full swing with my savings. And every start, I seem to succeed at doing so at least during the first half of the year but later something will happen which will involve unexpected expenses, then everything will spiral out of control from there.

One example was my last year. I was nearly recovering from the expenses from Dad’s passing the year before when all of a sudden, my dialysis clinic informed me that my insurance had been exhausted. After a month of paying from our own pockets, I got registered and accepted into a government hospital that gives dialysis for free. We rented a car because the new clinic was far. As convenient as a car seemed, it brought me financial troubles too which I am still paying for right now and is the biggest financial woe at the moment. I have already returned the car but I am still left with cleaning out the balance.

According to my estimate, I will be able to recover around April or May 2017.

I am writing because I want to declare that this the year I will take my savings seriously! I realized that I am no longer getting any younger so I better take this seriously now.

Part of my goals this year are to clear my debts and go crazy on savings and be frugal when and wherever possible.

To have a rough idea, this is my financial status right now:

Source of income:
– Work Paycheck

– Bank Loan
– Car rental bill

Usual Expenses:
– Food
– Transportation
– Medication
– Phone bills (mobile + landline)

– Joined a 12-month Paluwagan this year 

Things I’ve thought of to save and/or earn extra income:
– Walk! Stop taking taxi rides especially for short distance destinations
– Cook own meal and magbaon
– Invest somewhere
– Find a side job somehow that actually pays
– Sell some unwanted items
– Control my impulse buying syndrome
– Limit bringing home pasalubong

It does not seem much but trust me they are! Especially the debts. I plan to get rid of them all this year except for the bank loan which I will finish only by September 2020.

In the following months, I will share here however I ways I figured can save and earn me money in hopes to motivate others and myself too.


This year….


It’s 2017 and the following are some things I hope to get done (or started).

  • Exercise at least 15 – 30 minutes a day
  • Save
  • Get rid of debts
  • Clear the house of hoarded things
  • Prepare the house for tenants
  • Move out of the house
  • Start investing on something
  • Take better care of myself and condition
  • Save for future transplant
  • Travel somewhere

Meeting B1


Some people just happen to click at the first encounter. I may not believe in love at first sight, but I believe in that click.

I once skipped to a good part in my life after a long emotional roller coaster ride. Well, this is a better part to skip to now and it just keeps getting better with every high and after every low.

I was told that magic happens in the most unexpected moment. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, that moment happened. He happened.

This is a new journey. I feel that it’s very different. I want to protect it and make it grow.

The best part, he feels that same way too ^_~