Ninang, officially.

I finally met the munchkin!

Near the end of April 2016, Kaye told me that Eve’s Christening was on May 8.

Without hesitation, I stopped everything I was doing and started to look for flights to Singapore. Even pestered by manager to allow me take a leave of absence. There was just no way on Earth I was going to miss this milestone! Lol.

Since my diagnosis, this is my first time to be that far away from home. I am proud to say that I did not let that stop me. As soon as I told my Mom why I had to travel, she permitted me knowing that she can’t say anything to make me not go. Hehe. I assured that I am in good hands.

Kaye and I coordinated to find me a dialysis center and we did! I brought my brother along too; he was more than happy to throw away all this plans just to join me.

I wish Kaye and I had more time together but I was adjusting to the time, the heat, my condition, and she was busy nursing her baby. The trip was was still well worth it, of course. It’s an important event in Kaye’s my *ahem* INAANAK’s *ahem* life. Kaye and I will have plenty more years to catch up. It was awesome seeing her grow her own family.

And Eve, OMG! The cutest little thing I’ve laid my eyes on in a long time.

Bless her, her parents and future siblings (? hehe) with the very best! ❤


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