And she has arrived…!!!

What would you do when your bestfriend sends you something like this?


Like any proper, sane bestfriend would react, I…. WENT HYSTERICAL!!!

Kaye and her husband Gio had been trying to get pregnant for some time and this was how she broke the news to me that God has granted them their prayers. And I cannot be any happier for them.

During Kaye’s wedding, part of my speech as her Maid of Honor was telling her other family and friends how long we’ve known each other. I had a line where I said, “from crayons, to homework, to make up, to crushes, to work and earning money, and now a husband.” Fast forward to May 2015, we’re talking about a baby – A BABY! An actual little human living and developing inside her belly! Wow!

Through the following months, she shared pictures of her growing tummy, ultrasounds, and told me stories of how she’s feeling, vitamins she’s taking, the changes that were happening to her, how the baby was kicking in the middle of the night and not making her sleep, etc.

Right after Christmas she told me that she will be admitted in the hospital the following Monday to be induced. Imagine the nervous wreck I was while in UAE and she’s all the way in Singapore.

Our conversation went understandably on and off that Monday. Then one fine skip of a heartbeat and the next, she sent me this.


SHE’S FINALLY HERE!!!! And the mother is doing perfectly alright too!

For the record, Kaye gave birth to a healthy 3.11kg baby girl at 4:27pm on 28 December 2015 and named here EVE.

I can’t be any happier for the new parents. Current circumstances could not make me travel to Singapore but we will see each other on Eve’s Christening.

Below are some of the photos Kaye shared to me during the course of her pregnancy. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the new parents. You have great family and friends loving and supporting you both and your growing family every step of the way.

A screenshot from the Youtube video Gio made to announce the arrival of their little angel.