What a difference a year can make…


It is currently a beautiful day in December 2015 and I realized that my last entry was in November of last year. Where has the year gone???

My 2015 has been a trying year of stops and starts and each time I attempted to type an entry, some new chain of events would occur. As much as  I am proud to share that I was able to tick a few good items off my Bucket List, this year also unfortunately contains one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life, one which I am certain I will never recover from.

I started the year by having my old job back but as a regular which means better pay, better benefits, better support for my family and finally be able to start plans that I can financially commit to (Etisalat), I saw my right hand off as she goes back to the Philippines for good (Rayi), faced some long overdue heart issues, took part on a major concert featuring 6 famous Philippine bands when they performed in one of the world’s largest concert arenas (du Arena), dared to ride on the World’s Fastest Rollercoaster (Ferrari World), swam the waters of Musandam, Oman, took on the death-drop slide of Yas Waterworld, touched a real dolphin, have a photo taken infront of the World’s Tallest Tower (Burj Khalifa), made new good friends (“Pares” & “E-Friends”), made solid office friends, been awarded the Monthly Excellence Award at work twice, joined a badminton group in efforts to finally improve my health, contributed to our office t-shirt competition and won, organized a wedding and an OPMMAD event (somethings which I have not done in a while), and finally let myself experience some hotel staycations with friends.

Not bad for the year I turned 30, yeah?

Along with these “few” events, this year I was also able to tick off my Major Bucket List Item which it to experience to SCUBA.

In August, I understood why God will not agree or answer to some of my prayers.

However, miracles happen everyday and I am blessed to witness one which has unexpectedly changed my life and one which will change the life of someone dear to me (story is “arriving soon”) – all these before the end of the year.

I’ve learned and grew a lot this year. I wonder what the next year holds.

Hashtag: BringItOn


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