Get yourself checked!


I found a new advocacy in life. It is to promote others to have regular full medical check ups.

I got the flu some time at the end of the changing December weather and got well a couple of days later. After a few more days, I suddenly felt like my energy was being drained and later got my fever back. My fevers never come back! So it has indeed returned but this time it was different. It came with shortness of breath. I literally felt like I couldn’t breath! Something was wrong.

I complained of pneumonia and shortness of breath on December 5, 2015. Got myself into the hospital and came home a week later.

I had no idea that I was suffering from Acute Renal Failure. It is a condition which means my kidneys were shutting down and it has started to drastically affect my lungs and heart. Since I have no significant medical background, my doctor ruled it as something genetically inherited which increased gradually through the years because it was the only way we can explain how my soaring creatinine level has gone unnoticed upto this point.

Creatinine is a blood unit used to measure kidney function. The higher the number, the more dangerous it is. From the normal 44 – 80 range, mine was 1691 when I entered the ER.

Due to my kidney malfunction, the toxic fluids that it was supposed to release have reached my lungs, causing me to have shortness of breath. And since my internal organs were drowning, my blood pressure went through the roof as my heart tried its best to keep up with the now life threatening situation. Had I not gotten myself into the Emergency Room, my respiratory system would have completely shut down causing a domino effect to being in a coma, or having a heart attack, or DEAD. Yes, I would have died that day and I had no idea what was about to happen to me.

Upon meeting my doctor, he sent me straight to ICU to get immediate care and after further investigation, my doctor recommended me for an emergency dialysis. The toxins in my blood were already doing its job by drowning and poisoning me and they can only stop it through dialysis.

Dialysis is the procedure where my blood is accessed and filtered artificially through a machine to avoid further build up of toxins in my body – the same process which our kidneys should be doing but mine has failed to do so efficiently.

A week later, here I am proud to announce that I fought my way through and my condition is stable. However, I would be on regular dialysis and medication for the rest of my life unless I get a kidney transplant.

I am sharing this out of concern. GET YOURSELF AN OVERALL CHECK UP! At least once or twice a year. If you’ve never gotten one, it’s about time you should. Even if you don’t believe in synthetic medication, at least keep official track and record of your health through regular check ups.

Tell your other friends and family, have the kids checked as well. I too was not feeling anything wrong until I was at my worst. I was also the one in the family who least and rarely gets sick. What I thought was a simple fever and cold turned out to be fatal and no one knew about it. I had no symptoms whatsoever. Though I am sure that unhealthy lifestyle choices have also contributed to my disease, I have met other dialysis patients who have otherwise had healthy lifestyles but just happen to unfortunately fall to this ill condition.

Don’t be too comfortable because “you’re not feeling anything.” I am blessed that God let me kick death in the nuts this time but I am not looking forward to the next one.

I’ve decided to share this because I don’t wish this for anyone else. I wish to make you aware that one complete check up is all it takes to make a difference. Now I understand what they meant with “Prevention is better than cure.”

For any questions or guidance regarding this medical condition, send me a private message and I’ll be glad to answer them or figure out the answers with you.

Thank you to my family and friends who continuously pray for my recovery and give me the best encouragement to face this ordeal.

I should be angry at God, right? No! God is great. He let me live when He could have decided otherwise.

Little hospital tip given to me by a friend:
Try your best to stay conscious while receiving treatment. You and only you can say exactly what you’re feeling.

I found this very useful. Had I succumbed to the feeling that I needed to faint, I might not have made it to the hospital and things would have ended fatally. And during ICU, I might not have been able to make the decision to go on dialysis because I honestly think my mother would have refused because the family feared it and again, it would have ended fatally.

I hope this is an eye opener for everyone and by sharing my story, I am able to pass on the message how important regular check ups are.

I am now a Version 2.0



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