Brochure Blunder

I figured that colors in brochures are a little different than its actual product. I don’t know if this whole brochure conspiracy really is what it is or am I just naive on the subject?

I’m talking about cosmetics – lipstick to be precise.

My very recently former “favorite” brand used to have that one lipstick shade which complimented my complexion very well and I have been using it since I discovered it years ago. It was a mix of brown and red which enhanced my lip color but not too much that it hurts to look at.

However, after the brand discontinued the lip shade, I have since been in a quest to try their other lipstick lines in attempts to find another one of its shade or something near it. I noticed that the lipsticks in each brochure page may differ in price and line name but the colors are actually the same. Since there are no samples of the products provided and it would be ridiculous to buy all similar shades at once “just to compare,” I had to just try my luck each time I order.

Over time I have purchased several “close enough colors” I see in the brand’s brochure and each time I am left disappointed because it’s just not it. It seems like it in print but once I receive the order, the actual color doesn’t even come close! As a result, I am now left with several barely used lipsticks of nearly the same color in my attempts to find THE ONE.

Just last week, I decided to make my final attempt and if it really doesn’t work, so be it. And indeed it wasn’t! To make things worse, when I tried to complain to the agent about the brochure and actual color difference and ask if I can exchange since I have not opened the original package, as soon as I opened my mouth, she cut my sentence and said rudely, “Ganon talaga. Neng! Iba talaga ang nasa brochure, ganon din sabi ng iba. Hindi ko rin naman pwede isauli na iisang piraso lang!” (“The brochure color is different! That’s also what the others say and I can’t make exchanges for just one piece!”)

OMG! Imagine what strength I had to summon in order to contain my temper! It was bad enough to get disappointed, she made it worse with her attitude and by informing me that she already knew about the color difference, and worst –  I still have to pay for the items! “Little Ms. Smart Agent” is an elder relative of mine and couldn’t find it in me to argue any further out of respect but she did make being “disloyal” to her product a lot faster a lot easier! Lol!

In case you’re wondering why don’t I just go out and look for the shade myself, it’s because I feel pressured and slightly irritated of sales people hovering over me and forcing me to buy something I don’t like. Sometimes I put on my earphones when I feel like braving the cosmetics aisles. Hehe. Now I guess I am left with no other choice…

So, lesson learned. Do not EVER trust a brochure!


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