Technician No. 2

Al Khayef official poster signed by the cast. This will one day be of great value ;)
Al Khayef official poster signed by the cast.
This will one day be of great value 😉

The German stage play “Woyzeck” by George Buchner was adapted by Director Robert Liddington to fit the lifestyle in the Gulf and named it “Al Khayef.” Khayef is the name and description of the lead character which, in Arabic, roughly means “afraid.”

Al Khayef is a story about a man who was not the brightest person around, worked as a low ranking laborer, lived in poverty, worked very hard to earn a living, often being bullied by those who rank above him and his wife, Mariam, was an unfaithful woman. Mix all that and it could end up in a mess – and it did. I know because… I was there.

My costume
My costume

In my school years, I was a very active member of several school clubs and one of them was the music and performances club better known then as KANYAW (Kanta at Sayaw*). I was a performer or a crew member – sometimes both. All I know is that I have always been around the stage. There was a time when I thought I had given it up due to responsibilities brought upon adulthood. However, one day, I realized how much I missed it. It was just soon after that when I accidentally came across an organization called Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit at Mananyaw sa Abu Dhabi (OPMMAD**). Then I was back. I thought I knew how to sing, then I heard how they sang and by golly…they’re good! I have performed with the team a couple of times, I’m just not as confident like everyone else but I still settled in as an active administrative officer and I love it still.

Eventually, one of the persons we collaborated with in an international charity called Small World said that she is part of a non-profit theater organization called Resuscitation Theatre and they were holding casting workshop auditions for 2 plays. I thought I’d give it a try. I landed a support role called “Technician No.2.” It’s obviously not the lead but I felt like something inside me was revived. I enjoyed every rehearsal and as our Director Robert kept reminding us, “support roles and small scenes are just as important as the lead because they piece the stories together.” I had the time of my life.

I love knowing how bloody rehearsals get and how other backstage stuff happen to make the actual production seem like magic. I also love the hype and effort everyone puts into a show to make it work. And the best part, I get to be on stage too – showing what I really do! 🙂

I have collected as much photos as I could throughout the entire process from the audition to the after show party. Below are just a few I’ve decided to post. 🙂


I do not aim to be famous but I do aim to be creative. And the roles I commit to for as long as I am around a stage, is a form of expression — passion even.


*KANYAW , translated meaning “Sing and Dance”
**OPMMAD, translated meaning “Organization of Filipino Singers and Dancers in Abu Dhabi”


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