Desktop Necessities

I love desks. I love having a space where I can work and have all the things I need at arms length.
I currently use 2 desks – at home and my cubicle at the office. And this is what the BFF and I are going to talk about this month.
You can read hers here.

We’ll start off with a full view of the desks…

Desktops Views (top) home (bottom) office
Desktops Views (top) home (bottom) office

Yep, this is pretty much what both desktops look like (on a good day! lol).

Obviously, my desk at home has more items since it’s for personal use. So, let’s now start checking the must haves…

Pens! Loads of them!

Not only do I have pens on my desks but, in the office, I have hidden away my “specials pens” from plain view. I don’t have to hide any pen at home because everyone in the household knows that my stuff are off limits. In the office though, my colleagues have the habit of grabbing whatever pens they will see on top of whose desk and I’ve learned to stop hoping that they get returned. I don’t mind anymore, I’m sure I’m like that too. There are, however, pens that I love using more as I feel that it makes my writing and pensmanship smoother.

These are the “special ones”. Lol. They’re Dong-A My Gel refillable fine-tipped pens which I can only get in Philippines. The pens on the right are provided by the office. What makes them special are their tips. The ones in this picture is are 0.7 tips which is finer and rarely ordered that the common 1.0 tips which has broader points – and I don’t like them. Arte ko lang?! There was once a .01 gel pen that I used in college and I am still in the quest to find it.

Doodle pads
Doodle pads

I can never have enough of doodle pads. I write on almost anything. I try to be environment friendly by tearing up unimportant and no longer used paper and use the blank side as scratch paper.

Stationery organizer
Stationery organizer

If you notice from my office desk, here are no staplers, punchers, and the likes. It’s because it’s also hidden – for the same reason. Lol. Don’t you just hate it when after a day’s work is done, you suddenly can’t find the very item to keep things organized? And you can see from this picture the stash of “special pens” under the scissors. (No, not the try-hard drawing of Angelina Jolie” – I tried!)

At home is a similar organizer, only 3 times smaller. Though I have the regular size of these items (somewhere in my mess which I purposely did not include in the pictures), I found this little organizer very cute. I included a regular sized pen marker for scale references.

08 Here’s the other organizer.

That about concludes the common desk must-haves between my office and home desk.

Now, for the things which can only be found in my house desk.

Cork Board
Cork Board

One needs a place to pin all those memos. I purposely bought a small cork board because if I buy anything bigger, I’ll keep pinning things until everything is overlapping and I will never be able to find what I needed and the purpose of pinning it there will make no sense.

Book corner
Book corner

A corner on the left side of my desk is where I keep the books and/or notebooks that I have plans to do something with. My other books are on a shelf next to my desk and the recent ones that I am reading are kept in my bag so I can read them whenever I have the time wherever I am.


Since I share a room with 4 other ladies and love working late, a lamp is a must. I got this from Ikea’s As Is section for only Dhs 33.00 (vice the original Dhs 70ish).


The design of my desk does not include drawers. It has shelves that seem like its for drawers but it’s really not. I plan to buy those collapsible drawers from Ikea have do not have the chance to yet. In the mean time, I placed the shoes boxes where I keep my other little trinkets.

See the things on the life side of the top shelf?

Yes, they're VHS tapes!! The most valuable ones!
Yes, they’re VHS tapes!! The most valuable ones!

We’re now down to my last 2 favorites.

Note weights
Note weights

“Note weights” – I really have no idea what to call these. They’re tiny little silver apples, each weighing a tonne!!! No kidding! They may be pea-sized but you can seriously hurt someone if you accidentally drop one. The set was a gift from my mom which she bought from somewhere in Europe in one of her travels. She knows I love small things – and she’s right! This was bought years ago but I’ve never really used them in fear that they might get lost or someone takes an interest and ask for one of the apples. But I love keeping them where I can easily take a glimpse at them.


There’s something hanging on the top left side. It’s a portable coreless tissue roll container. I went to the Philippines for a couple of weeks, found this, bought it, and now I’m crazy about it! In my Bag Blog, I mentioned that I like removing the core of a tissue roll so I can carry it around without having to be so bulky but need to sandwich it in between some other things so it will not roll out or get squished. This little thing, however, solves the puzzle. The plastic is hard enough to keep the tissue in place and make it roll smoothly while pulling the tissue is just as smooth too. I don’t have to wrestle with the whole roll. Refills are bought separately.

Some of the other things I keep laying around the desk is my phone charger, a mirror, lotion, and other things which are by my side only when needed.

They say that, “A messy desk is a sign of genius” *wink wink!* – Naaahh!! My home desk was a mess! I made a frantic fixer upper for virtual purposes of this blog. And I always clean up my office desk at the end of the day before leaving. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Desktop Necessities

  1. Cool apple paper weights! 😀

    I hope there’s a way you can convert those vhs tapes and post in youtube so we can all watch it! 😀

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