Thank you, Mr. Williams


It’s a sad day today.

I woke up to the news that the Hollywood actor Robin Williams passed away. Upon researching, I confirmed that the unfortunate news is true. He passed away on 11 August 2014 (USA). The social media networks flooded with words of sorrow from actors and fans alike. As for me, something inside me felt heavy and hollow at the same time. Although I know why, I also felt a little silly for getting too emotional knowing that I have never met the comedian or knew him in any level at all other than his movies and interviews.

However, it was not until I read Dante Basco’s WordPress entry of his laments for the late actor when I realized that I was not alone. Dante Basco is also an actor who I watched as a child. He was just a kid back then too. He was Rufio in the movie “Hook” and Robin Williams portrayed Peter Pan. His entry put words on my feelings of sorrow when he specifically said,

“..with his passing, I can’t help to feel, along with my generation… I can’t help feeling like it’s the death of my childhood.”

It was exactly what I’ve been feeling and no one else could have said it any better. I felt like Dante just spoke on behalf of a whole generation.

I also read the comments left by Dante Basco’s blog followers and they said nearly the same things. That Robin Williams is a part of our childhood and the good memories and laughter that come along attached to it.

It is easy to make people cry but it takes pure genius to make someone laugh.

Thank you, Mr. Williams.
May you now have the peace and happiness that you seek


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