Remember in the old days of computer naivety when there was a “Read Text” option and a robotic voice will read whatever you command it? I thought it was the same thing with audiobooks program.

I love learning and I love books. I love novels, too, especially of mystery, suspense and romance (put them together and I’m hooked like crazy!). Lately however, I am guilty of not finding time to sit down and read. Feeling busy ako eh! I have come across some books on pdf and I thought I’d try to “Read Text” it but knowing how comedic that would be, I never did so.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I came across a “my favorite things” YouTube entry and one of the favorites was called “Audiobook” and a demo was played. To my surprise, the book was being read by an actual voice! Amused and not a second later, I found myself downloading an audiobook and the audiobook app which let me listen to the book, rewind or fast forward a few seconds or minutes. And there it was! Each text being narrated beautifully! It’s like downloading music lasting for hours and, oh, no music.

I am currently trying to finish “reading” the final part of a trilogy. Much like I am with a real book, I cannot put the story on hold. But instead of dropping everything I’m doing to sit down in solitude and get absorbed in my book, with the audiobook, I am able to listen to the story every available time I could like riding the bus, doing laundry, walking, cleaning, before bed, *whispers* even at the office when the work is just mainly copy-paste.

Somewhere in the middle of the first part of the trilogy, there was a private joke between the heroes with reference to one of their earlier encounters – and I did not understand it. What are they talking about? Did I miss something? Is there a hidden humor left by the author? I know I listened to every detail. It was like being inside a private joke which had another private joke, one which I am no longer aware of. I could press the skip back buttons but I had no idea how early it was in the story. It caused me to download the pdf and painfully savage through alien words which I do not recall reading – oh, yes! because I was listening! – I realize that I do not have a mental map of my “book” nor do I know which area I should click to in the program because I did not have to look at the play bar while listening.

As fun as the audiobook is, nothing beats actual reading. When reading, you cannot leap to page 50 without reading Prologue to 49 or else you’ll get lost so you are forced to read earlier pages first. Listening to an audiobook or traditionally reading a book both as it’s pros and cons. However, I hit a jackpot with my first audiobook choice so I don’t mind. I’ll tell you about it later.

Though I can say that I am pro-actual books, I don’t think this is my last audiobook either.

For now, hush! I’m “reading”!



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