Jollibee for Father’s Day! ♥

Successful transaction!
Successful transaction!

Father’s Day has just passed. I greeted my Dad who was in Philippines. He’s in San Miguel, Bulacan managing the family business there while lil bro is in another state, and the rest of the family is here in UAE. Since we’re all geographically separated at the moment, I felt bad that my Dad is by himself in Bulacan with just the rest of our staff. So I tried to find something to do and not just that “Hi, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Bye” phone call.

Then I remembered that a long time ago I found a website that one company is willing to deliver food and non-food items they feature online, for a price of course. I fired up Google and looked for that and other options. One of the results was Jollibee delivery and exploring the site further, I was amused to find out that Jollibee accepts electronic deliveries from overseas! Who doesn’t love Jollibee???!! I believe when you ask an OFW what they miss most back home, I’m pretty sure Jollibee will be in the top 5 answers – if not 3. So Jollibee it is!

I immediately looked at the payment methods, which was doable. Looked at the menu and it’s great. Then looked at the prices which ranged only from PhP 1,000 to 1,500. This is cheap when you’re spending from a UAE-based paycheck (wink). Before I knew it, I had already clicked the “Confirm” button and got my order confirmation! Yes!

Ay, no pala! In my delight of finding Jollibee Padala (not to be confused with Jollibee Online Delivery), I just entered all required information not thinking if the site was legit?! Stoopid, right?!! Since I was at work whilst doing all these transactions, it took me several attempts to call the Philippine Jollibee hotline to confirm my order. When the work load lulled, I called them again. A friendly operator answered and I explained where I was calling from, told him my concern if they actually received the order or not, and gave him my order track number. He then put me on hold for a while and finally the hold tune was cut and another voice spoke. She said in a friendly voice, “Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting, Mam Hannah. We have already contacted your beneficiary and the package will be picked up at 7:00pm.” Holy cow it worked!!

I called my Dad to make sure he did get the call and he confirmed. Couple more hours later, I called again Dad again, and I could hear some faint voices talking excitedly behind his voice. Dad and our staff were already eating the delivery and got amazed on how I was able to do the transaction. I told my Dad of the process and we were both amazed.

A few minutes later, I hung up. I felt good. Couldn’t help but feel fulfilled that I made an effort to “be there” and celebrate Father’s Day with our Dad even when we’re miles apart. In a way I wish I thought of this before for previous celebrations I missed. But it’s ok. There are more events to look forward to.

Kudos to Jollibee for coming up with this. Thank you for considering us OFWs. You do not fail to please and give Pinoys joy even from afar.


In case you have the impulse to do the same 🙂

Site :
Hotline : +63-2-8-700


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