Officially Online



We reached yet another milestone!

The BFF and I have been running our individual blogs for quite some years now. I’m residing in UAE with my family and she’s all the way in Singapore with her husband. It helps us catch up with each others’ life and keep in tune with what emotions the other feels on a certain something or just keep in touch in general. And lately, we have been having a great time creating the BFF Blog Series. It’s like we’re seated at a café with a cup or two and chatting the time away.

We’ve had our blogs just to ourselves until a few months ago, she was thinking of putting her blog out in public and about a week ago, she got me to join her with the idea. Why not right? It is quite exciting to know that there may be other people who can relate to the things we do.

So today, 01 June 2014 marks the launch of our blogs (12:00nn in UAE and 4:00pm in Singapore). We’ve registered them online in a couple of Pinoy blogs sites to start off then we’ll see how it will go from there.

We can now claim that after all the years of blogging, we are now Officially Online! : )

You can find the BFF’s interesting entries here.


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