Remember in the old days of computer naivety when there was a “Read Text” option and a robotic voice will read whatever you command it? I thought it was the same thing with audiobooks program.

I love learning and I love books. I love novels, too, especially of mystery, suspense and romance (put them together and I’m hooked like crazy!). Lately however, I am guilty of not finding time to sit down and read. Feeling busy ako eh! I have come across some books on pdf and I thought I’d try to “Read Text” it but knowing how comedic that would be, I never did so.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I came across a “my favorite things” YouTube entry and one of the favorites was called “Audiobook” and a demo was played. To my surprise, the book was being read by an actual voice! Amused and not a second later, I found myself downloading an audiobook and the audiobook app which let me listen to the book, rewind or fast forward a few seconds or minutes. And there it was! Each text being narrated beautifully! It’s like downloading music lasting for hours and, oh, no music.

I am currently trying to finish “reading” the final part of a trilogy. Much like I am with a real book, I cannot put the story on hold. But instead of dropping everything I’m doing to sit down in solitude and get absorbed in my book, with the audiobook, I am able to listen to the story every available time I could like riding the bus, doing laundry, walking, cleaning, before bed, *whispers* even at the office when the work is just mainly copy-paste.

Somewhere in the middle of the first part of the trilogy, there was a private joke between the heroes with reference to one of their earlier encounters – and I did not understand it. What are they talking about? Did I miss something? Is there a hidden humor left by the author? I know I listened to every detail. It was like being inside a private joke which had another private joke, one which I am no longer aware of. I could press the skip back buttons but I had no idea how early it was in the story. It caused me to download the pdf and painfully savage through alien words which I do not recall reading – oh, yes! because I was listening! – I realize that I do not have a mental map of my “book” nor do I know which area I should click to in the program because I did not have to look at the play bar while listening.

As fun as the audiobook is, nothing beats actual reading. When reading, you cannot leap to page 50 without reading Prologue to 49 or else you’ll get lost so you are forced to read earlier pages first. Listening to an audiobook or traditionally reading a book both as it’s pros and cons. However, I hit a jackpot with my first audiobook choice so I don’t mind. I’ll tell you about it later.

Though I can say that I am pro-actual books, I don’t think this is my last audiobook either.

For now, hush! I’m “reading”!



Jollibee for Father’s Day! ♥

Successful transaction!
Successful transaction!

Father’s Day has just passed. I greeted my Dad who was in Philippines. He’s in San Miguel, Bulacan managing the family business there while lil bro is in another state, and the rest of the family is here in UAE. Since we’re all geographically separated at the moment, I felt bad that my Dad is by himself in Bulacan with just the rest of our staff. So I tried to find something to do and not just that “Hi, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Bye” phone call.

Then I remembered that a long time ago I found a website that one company is willing to deliver food and non-food items they feature online, for a price of course. I fired up Google and looked for that and other options. One of the results was Jollibee delivery and exploring the site further, I was amused to find out that Jollibee accepts electronic deliveries from overseas! Who doesn’t love Jollibee???!! I believe when you ask an OFW what they miss most back home, I’m pretty sure Jollibee will be in the top 5 answers – if not 3. So Jollibee it is!

I immediately looked at the payment methods, which was doable. Looked at the menu and it’s great. Then looked at the prices which ranged only from PhP 1,000 to 1,500. This is cheap when you’re spending from a UAE-based paycheck (wink). Before I knew it, I had already clicked the “Confirm” button and got my order confirmation! Yes!

Ay, no pala! In my delight of finding Jollibee Padala (not to be confused with Jollibee Online Delivery), I just entered all required information not thinking if the site was legit?! Stoopid, right?!! Since I was at work whilst doing all these transactions, it took me several attempts to call the Philippine Jollibee hotline to confirm my order. When the work load lulled, I called them again. A friendly operator answered and I explained where I was calling from, told him my concern if they actually received the order or not, and gave him my order track number. He then put me on hold for a while and finally the hold tune was cut and another voice spoke. She said in a friendly voice, “Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting, Mam Hannah. We have already contacted your beneficiary and the package will be picked up at 7:00pm.” Holy cow it worked!!

I called my Dad to make sure he did get the call and he confirmed. Couple more hours later, I called again Dad again, and I could hear some faint voices talking excitedly behind his voice. Dad and our staff were already eating the delivery and got amazed on how I was able to do the transaction. I told my Dad of the process and we were both amazed.

A few minutes later, I hung up. I felt good. Couldn’t help but feel fulfilled that I made an effort to “be there” and celebrate Father’s Day with our Dad even when we’re miles apart. In a way I wish I thought of this before for previous celebrations I missed. But it’s ok. There are more events to look forward to.

Kudos to Jollibee for coming up with this. Thank you for considering us OFWs. You do not fail to please and give Pinoys joy even from afar.


In case you have the impulse to do the same 🙂

Site :
Hotline : +63-2-8-700

Dreams Unlimited 2014

I have a habit of saying “pangarap ko to!” (“This is a dream come true!”) whenever I get to accomplish things out of my Bucket List. It was only recently when the BFF enlightened me that “Dreams” and “Bucket Lists” are two similar but actually different things. Dreams being things we want to achieve and the latter are things we want to do and experience before our time on Earth is over.

With that new information, it seemed to me that all I’ve been doing my entire life is ticking things off my Bucket List – I just aim to move from one item to the next. Seemed pathetic because I struggled to answer the question “in that case, what are my dreams???” Do I want a house? A car? Bungee jump somewhere?

Since the BFF and I decided that June’s blog will be about our dreams, I have done nothing but contemplate on knowing exactly what they are for me. (Read about hers in her blog)

Some of what you will read here may seem small to you or other people but these are mine and I hope one day I can achieve them.


Who am I?

I dream to leave a mark in this lifetime . My own identity achieved by my passion and whatever it is I do best. My road to figuring out what really makes my clock tick seems to be taking longer than I expected because until now, I’m not quite sure what I really want and where I really want to be. And when I do get there, how do I know I’m there?

The following dreams are mentioned and defined in no particular order. Of course, no matter which order I mention it, family always comes first in my book.



I am 29 years old and I still live with my family. My mother still comments about so many aspects about my life and because of this, at times when I’m really sure I know what I want to do, I hesitate knowing that she will have a different opinion which could escalate to an argument between us and I totally dislike the drama. I believe there is some point when we need to go out on our own and figure out for ourselves what we’re made of and how we apply them to our daily life for the rest of our lives. I do have the license to go out, have fun, date, etc. I guess I just feel that I will not be able to practice my full adult capacity unless I move out.


A place of my own
A place of my own

With Independence being said, Step 1 to be independent is to find my own place but separating from my family seems to be out of the question for now. However, I do dream of building / purchasing a place of my own. My parents have worked very hard to give us all the comfort that we have now (and I am so grateful and proud of them!), but I want to be able to do and have something and 100% claim that I worked hard for it. Though I am aiming for a house, a condo would not be bad (these options are for investments back home). But if we are talking about having my own place here in Abu Dhabi, I would settle for a small room with an attached bathroom to get started.


Savings & Loans
Savings & Loans

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that just in case some things do not go according to plan, you have funds to keep you safely afloat while strategizing your next move? Apart from trying to save, one of my priorities right now is to keep a good-paying job and help my parents in any way possible to keep our debts down to a minimum. I know how happy and comfortable my family would be especially our parents.


Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad

I dream for that day when I can tell my parents, “Mom, Dad, stop working. I’ll take it from here.” I want them to start relaxing and enjoying the rest of their life. I want to them to be able to travel and do anything they want and I’ll take care of everything they would need. They deserve it!



I want to see the world! I’m a sucker for old-style-looking places like Vigan in the Philippines and love the old bricked roads I see in pictures of London, France, Italy, and Spain. Castles and museums, too. I can easily loose myself in places like that. In general, I want to experience travelling anywhere I wish. This includes exploring all parts of the Philippines too.



Our blogs started out for fun and to keep in touch with each other. Since we agreed that we were to make it public, it doesn’t hurt to dream that one day we can do this professionally. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do the things you love and get paid doing them?



If our blogs take off, it will be like a business all on its own. We need to find our content and present it well. If not blogging, I’ve always dreamt of having a coffee shop with an acoustic corner. Just a warm quiet place where everyone can just relax and hang out. I am currently in no position to start my own business at the moment. There is so much I feel I can try being good at. Hopefully when the day comes, I have already figured out what works for me.



I once dreamt of going back to school someday and be a Doctor, a long-time dream of mine. Since I have not seen any medical courses in Abu Dhabi, I am settling for any new things I could study, even if it’s just a short course. I love learning and nothing interests my mind more than when it’s being fed new information.


BFFs & Mini Us
BFFs & Mini Us

I am 1/3 of our BFF Trio and having our own commitments in our own sections of the globe, coming together would require lots of advance (or surprise!) planning. I have included “Mini Us” because NO WAY will our kids grow up not knowing their awesomest Ninangs!! The dream is to keep the bond between us strong throughout our lifetime and beyond. I met Kaye in 1994 (Happy 20 Years!!! OMG!!!) and Bel in 1999, and we’re all here to stay!


Bucket List
Bucket List

What are long term dreams when you don’t find time for short ones? The dream is to tick off as much as I can off my bucket list throughout my lifetime.


So there you have it. My dreams and some of the things I am made of….



PS —


I dream of someday finding Mr. Right, settle down and have a family. I did not include it in my dream board because I feel that it’s a whole other universe at the moment. *wink wink*



“When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from your dreams are valid
– Lupita Nyong’o

Officially Online



We reached yet another milestone!

The BFF and I have been running our individual blogs for quite some years now. I’m residing in UAE with my family and she’s all the way in Singapore with her husband. It helps us catch up with each others’ life and keep in tune with what emotions the other feels on a certain something or just keep in touch in general. And lately, we have been having a great time creating the BFF Blog Series. It’s like we’re seated at a café with a cup or two and chatting the time away.

We’ve had our blogs just to ourselves until a few months ago, she was thinking of putting her blog out in public and about a week ago, she got me to join her with the idea. Why not right? It is quite exciting to know that there may be other people who can relate to the things we do.

So today, 01 June 2014 marks the launch of our blogs (12:00nn in UAE and 4:00pm in Singapore). We’ve registered them online in a couple of Pinoy blogs sites to start off then we’ll see how it will go from there.

We can now claim that after all the years of blogging, we are now Officially Online! : )

You can find the BFF’s interesting entries here.