That Word Breadcrumbs


My last blog site had a coffee theme, simply because I believe that many meaningful conversations, decisions, work and all the good stuff are done and shared over a cup or two.

So why Breadcrumbs this time?

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel where they used breadcrumbs so they can find their way back home? Well that’s kind of a similar theme going on with me here now. Blogs are meant to share stuff – any stuff. Each entry is a crumb, and in it are little-er crumbs which makes up the whole story. The crumbs  may be referred back to any time by a few clicks. These crumbs are trails to the person I am now.

All the crumbs scattered along the way are what makes me the person I am. Now it seems like I’m piece of bread falling apart! Lol!

The BFF caught on when she asked “Any crumbs today?” I found that hilarious! 🙂


My 2013 on a piece of cloth

Final Product
Final Product

When I was just about to purchase this cross stitch project, I knew that somehow one day I’m going to post the final product and title it Serenity but as you can see, that’s not the case now – brace yourself, it’s a long story…

There is no such thing as a big or small or important or unimportant prayer. However, THIS particular prayer  is one which I  hold dearest. For me it is a prayer for everything. They say that change is something constant and like a ripple. It is always happening and where there is action, there is reaction. I realized that change is inevitable and all you can do is either accept it or help make it happen yourself. One thing is for sure though, resisting it will never work.

So then, back to the cross stitch.

All my life I have loved this short prayer but I was too busy taking so many things for granted that I never actually took the time to memorize it. And it wasn’t until near the end of 2012 when, of all the things to say and prayer to pray for, this was the one which came out of my mouth. Since I did not know the prayer by heart, I remember saying it this way, “Lord, give me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to…to…?? Basta yun na yun, Lord!” – my exact words. Yah, I know. Even I laughed at myself a little then. It was not until then when I realized to power of prayers and this particular one alone.

After the ordeal I “needed” this prayer for, I remember researching it and vowed never to forget it ever again.

Then 2013 came. One January day, I was in the Philippines and was accompanying my little brother to buy some arts stuff for school. While he went about his business, I was browsing around the cross stitch section in hopes of finding a “take home” project since I was to fly back to UAE in March. I spotted a few but I had to choose only one. And I chose a very easy pattern which I did not like much – just for the sake of a “take home”. I was waiting for my turn at the counter while by brother purchased his stuff (uhmm – yah, I’m such a cheapskate. Just kidding! His stuff are expensive and he’s got allowance for them!). While standing there, I made a quick, non-intentional glance back at the cross stitch rack and my heart skipped a beat! I could only see a few letters of the words Serenity and Courage because it was hidden behind other patterns but I knew what I was looking at. I immediately dashed across the room and made sure I really was seeing what I was seeing. As I moved aside the other patterns infront of it, there it was. The picture looked simple but when you look closely, the color design are complex but I bought the pattern and all the materials including markers and whatnots anyway. It was a huge purchase but felt that it was well worth every cent.

I did say it was for a take home but I got too excited and worked on it by February. Believe it or not, I thought I was going to finish it before I flew back. Once I started, it was all I did all day til near dawn the next day. Well that and watching some TV series I got addicted to called Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and The Big Bang Theory.

As much as I wanted it to finish it, it was already time for me to fly and left about less than ¼ of it’s design undone and told myself I’d complete it as soon as I get settled in.

It is a completely different lifestyle for me in Abu Dhabi. It’s where my family is based, we have relatives, friends, and work here. So my promise of completing the less-than-one-fourth got delayed. April….May…October…November…I was able to do just little of it at a time till it was already December and it was still undone!

Even if the unfinished project was lying around in my bedroom the whole of last year, the prayer stuck in my head and my heart. 2013 was a challenging year of healing and moving forward. Even though I’m not very expressive with emotional matters, I am blessed to have good people to support me – my family and few good friends. But this and the BFF were my only witnesses – meaning the only ones who knew all the dirty details.

Though 2013 may be challenging, it was also memorable. The BFF and I tackled and conquered so may uncharted heart territories (abusing Whatsapp as much as we can!). Whenever I found myself on a fork path about anything or just about anything at all, I would recite this prayer and it helps and is still helping me remember that not all things are in our hands.

I was left with barely a week and I was determined to do all I could to finish this year-long project before the calendar read 2014. I wanted the project to keep the year’s stories locked in its threads and sealed by its prayer. Now you see how pointless it would have been if I didn’t finish in time.

I later found myself rushing the final bits on New Year’s Eve, ignoring the calls of my family to help out with the table (lol!). And now, I proudly announcement that on 31 December 2013 at exactly 11:50pm, it was finally done! 🙂 Hence, my signature at the bottom of the design and the words “2013 Literally!”

That's my real handwriting which I backstitched. Feeling expert :)
That’s my real handwriting which I backstitched. Feeling expert 🙂


The BFF and I agreed that we will give time for our blogs again and will be posting only positive things from here on out. However, I purposely planned this to be my kick off post for my new blog site so I can rant about last year one last time and finally move forward to tomorrow and beyond hopefully with Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom. 🙂